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Your Life is a Gift. Go ALL in on YOU.



I believe building your dream business is all about making an impact.

and just in case you need to be reminded...


Here is a #truthbomb just for you.


Right now, there are people literally waiting for you to SHOW UP, so you can help them with your unique spiritual zone of genius and message.


I am all about showing up for YOU - so you can make massive shifts toward your realized dreams.


I am your no-fluff, ALL Heart Business Coach. Aka... The Visibility Queen.


You see, I don't like to mess around, because in full transparency - I did that for WAY too long!


I spent a long time playing small.  I had a belief that said -

"If I play it safe and don't try, I won't have as far to fall."


I desperatelty wanted someone to "discover" me and give me permission to live a big life.


But - the truth was, I had no idea HOW to get it, and I was too afraid to even admit that I wanted it.


Can you relate?



If so, I KNOW - this is YOUR time too...


I can feel it... and so can you!


I can help you clarify your message, create a thriving business and become vibrantly visible online.

So, tell me love...


Are you ready to get seen for being YOU online and start living that BIG life you have always wanted to live?


Jason Goldberg

The King Of Playful Prosperity

Authenticity is a word that has become more of a strategy in the online space than an actual way of being. And while so many “work on” authenticity, Jaya Rose simply embodies it.  

She is unapologetic in how openly she shares her heart.  She is a champion for the greatness she sees in others and she is the epitome of selfless service.

 Jaya’s passion, wisdom, and energy are not just attractive, they are infectious.

-Jason “JG” Goldberg

Jen Kohler
Wellness + Essential Oil Mama


Jaya has an amazing gift.  

She meets me exactly where I am everytime. 

I even decided to let go of the career I had been in because I was moved into seeing my true gifts on our first clarity call & had to pursue my purpose!

She is so inspiring and has helped me to see past all the bullshit to my greater calling.

She tells it like it is and she is exactly what I needed.  I truly love this woman.

Karina De La Cruz
Parent Coach


Jaya has a relentless ability to see the GREAT in others.

When you are in her presence you know you've got something special. She mirrors the greatness in you, which gave me courage to step up, show up and shine on video!!!


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