Owning my story has been an integral part of owning my worth.

A bit about me...


When I first became an entrepreneur 15 years ago, things were very simple.  And by simple I mean there was no world wide web, facebook or crazy amounts of unlimited potential.


I was definitely playing small.


I always managed to make 'enough' money in my fitness business and I loved what I did.  But once I got remarried and had my second daughter at age 36, I 'woke up and realized I needed to step up my game.


I realized that if I wanted to make the impact and income I desired, I was going to have to make a change.


A big change.


You see, I became a mom at age 19. Blessed as I was, I wouldn't have called it easy.  I can see now that I was always thinking more about "surviving" rather than "thriving".  I didn't realize that I could have all that I wanted; heck, I didn't truly know what I wanted.


I didn't realize how valuable my voice or point of view was. 


Fast foward to phase "wake up call", when a friend introduced me to Marie Forleo and I heard her say:

"You have a special gift the world needs and if you don't share it, you are stealing from them."


I was like, me? Stealing from people? Never!


Everything changed for me at that moment. I took a good look at what I truly wanted out of my life and decided to step up my game and start playing BIG.


So I hired a business coach, took my business online and busted my booty learning all of the systems and structures to grow an online business.




When my Dad passed away suddenly one year into my online journey - I realized I was not totally aligned with my purpose.


He was really proud of me and supportive of my business and something about losing him made me realize I had more to give. More to do. And that NOW is the time.


I felt/feel him with me everyday and that has given me even more strength and clarity in my life and business. For that I am grateful.


You see, I had been a Personal Trainer and Life Coach for 13 years and what I truly loved about it was the relationships and the POTENTIAL I helped my clients reach.


I have a natural ability to see people's Innate Magic™ and help bring it out with total clarity and confidence!



I re-branded - realigned - and fell in love with my Innate magic.


Now, I help Coaches, Healers and Spiritual entrepreneurs like YOU awaken to the power of being 100% authentically yourself, by discovering your Innate Magic™ and embracing who you really are, so you can manifest like a boss and make the impact you were born to make!


I took Marie's words to heart, that's why I know for sure that you also have a special message that needs to be heard.


I would be honored to support you on your entrepreneurial journey while you Own Your magic, share your message and make a massive impact + income!





still curious?!


Here are 5 fun and non WORK related facts about me:


1. I am my own biggest fan. Meaning I laugh at all my own jokes! (like, at inappropriate times) 


2. I am a HUGE believer in the law of attraction + karma.


3. I am a reality show junkie. (specifically The Bachelor)


4. I big time love reggae music, like 24/7!


5. I never kill spiders! I believe it gives bad spider karma. (and, don't do it around me please, I will cry) 


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it; I would love to stay connected with you! 

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