Rock Your Purpose 1:1 Business Coaching

How can you make the impact you truly desire and show up in the world FULLY when you are unclear of the steps to take to get there?


You are ready to take it to the next level but you are hungry for the structure and support that feels good for both you and your business.


You KNOW you have something special to share AND you know you need support and guidance, NOW.


It's time to rock your unique zone of genius and make lots of money, honey!


This is all about you emerging as the leader you have always been.


See what leaders just like YOU are saying...

Jackie McDonald

EFT Tapping Expert


Jaya has a unique ability and willingness to be REAL with her audience. Her authenticity and vulnerability make her relatable and engaging. 

By personally working with Jaya I have gained the structure I deeply desired in my business. Not only is she intuitive and heart centred but she has helped me take my business online in a way that feels fun and doable. 

Jaya is the real deal and I am so grateful that I found someone who can help me do what I love, own my worth and get PAID!

Danielle Nachey

Coach to VA's

Jaya is an amazing coach and leader. My favorite thing about her is her ability to get to the heart of the matter and stay ahead of the trends.

Working with Jaya has pushed me through my fears of becoming a coach and set me on the path towards my dream career and life.

I am so grateful that I took the plunge and invested in myself by taking her on as my coach.

NOT all coaches are the same.

This is what makes me special.


I am a mirror.


I meet you exactly where you are.


I tell you what you NEED to hear.


I have a unique ability to see your inner gifts.


I can help you build a business based on your zone of genius.


I will always remind you of your greatness.


I will SHOW UP and give you my all each and every session.


I am your no fluff - all Heart Business Coach.


And if you my dear are ready to step into your power fully and be the leader you were meant to be then we may just have a match.


I'll tell you a bit about who I like to work with:

You are coachable - open minded and READY to learn.


You know your WORTH and you are ready to embrace it EVEN more.


You have a message you KNOW is valuable and you are ready to share it with the world.


You have a deep faith and trust in the Universe.


You are ready to work.


You are ready and willing to invest in yourself.


You have felt ALL yes's since you have been reading this.


You listen to yourself and your yes's!

The world is waiting for you to show up and share your message.





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The Fit Life Academy


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Jessica Tatieze

Wellness Business Mentor

Working with Jaya in both groups and one-on-one coaching has really changed the way I look at and run my businesses and my life.

Jaya is especially helpful when getting clarity on what direction I want to go, what the purpose is, and which aligned action to take first.

I actually made my full investment for working with her back in our first week of coaching!

I love working with her!

Your Investment



6 Month 1:1 Rock Your Purpose Business

Coaching Experience




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Payment plans available upon request.


You are still here! Now I know you are ready to step into being the powerful leader you have always known you are.

Fill out the application below, so we can connect on a clarity call to see if we are a good fit for working togther.


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