Bangin' Body Program 

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Results! Check out what these busy mamas have to say.

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All of Jaya's workouts are amazing! I have lost 20lbs and counting. I attribute a large portion of my success to the online group. It's a total game changer. I'm sticking with this for sure!


"I have done multiple rounds of both the Ab Challenge & Bangin' Body. I love them, so I joined the FLA! I think Jaya is a genius. I have followed her lifestyle rules around exercise and food and I'm seeing big results! I'm all in."


“Like most moms, it was hard to shape up after childbirth, and to make it harder, I had my two boys back to back. This was exactly what I was looking for! This quick series was is easy to commit to even with my super busy schedule.Thanks for this extra push Jaya!”

What is the
Bangin' Body Program?

I walk you through this full body 20 minute signature workout that is fun, easy to follow and super effective!  It's like having a personal trainer in the room with you.
This signature workout is put together exactly how I train my private clients.
You also get 3 short workout segments that hit all your muscle groups, so you can fit them into your busy day! Plus you get a written program to follow, taking all of the guess work out.
You will be feeling fit, energized, toned and flexible in no time!

ONLY: $67.00

Bangin’ Body Program Includes:


25 minute videos

Cross training for big results

Whole body toning


2 minute
magic core

2 minute video
Quick & Easy to Follow

Awesome Core Work

bangin' booty & legs

8 minute video  
Lifted and toned booty  
Cute booty in your yoga pants

Quick and Easy Fitness


Yoga Flow

10 minute video

Relaxation + Flexibility

Mood Enhancing



Radiant Energy Meal Plan


3 Healthy + Yummy Recipes
Kickstart a healthy diet
Feel energized right away

Get a Bangin' Body – Awe Yah!!!

ONLY $67