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3 Ways To Grow Your Reach and Make a MASSIVE Impact Online



I’ve been thinking a lot about impact and how to use social media to get yourself out there.  Things are always changing on social media so it’s not a conversation that is ever going to get old. If you’re bored with it and have an online business than that really sucks. You need to pay attention to what is going on, what is changing and what is working.


I am here to share some of the stuff that I obsess over, with you. A lot of the stuff that has to do with social media, your reach and your impact is always changing, so it’s important to stay up to date with what’s current and what is going on.


Here are my 3 Tips to Grow Your Reach Online:


Tip #1 – Align with your message 100%. This is the foundation. This has everything to do with aligning with and living your message. I want you to be a walking billboard for your business. That is truly what lights up online and lets people know that you mean business.


So if you have a business right now that you’re not that passionate about, that’s probably not going to take you very far online. If you have a business that you’re really not putting that much energy into, that’s probably not going to get you very far online. If you have a business that constantly pulls your attention but you really want to be doing something else, not going to get you very far online.


I think this is the most important thing. Because we are all vibration, which is all we really are technically. We are just all these little molecules and cells that are charged, or not charged. The more you have super-charged your vibe, the more other people are going to feel it. And because video is such an amazing way to show up, connect, and to share your message, it’s pretty important how your vibe is.


How many videos would you watch of somebody being boring, grumpy, low-vibe, having bad lighting, a shaky camera, being confused about what they are saying, or being insecure? None. Nobody’s going to watch that shit. It’s ok if you need to practice and if you’re not perfect. But when you have alignment and passion for your message, it is your job to show up in that every single day and share it with the world.


Honestly it is a process. I’m in alignment with my message every day and some days I don’t feel it. Some days I’m a grumpy bitch. Some days I have PMS. Hello – I’m a woman! And that’s ok. 


All you soul sisters who are on a mission, make sure to teach your process. How do you charge yourself up? How do you heal yourself? How do you get yourself in shape? How do you feed your body? How do you run your business? How do you get your mind right? No matter what you are doing it is all about you, your process, how you teach it and how you show up. (This is probably a mic drop all on its own!)


Tip #2  - Social media is all about sharing. This may not be something you think about and may completely blow your mind right now. But did you know this, you can create content that is so good that it makes people want to share it? That is where the gold is.


There is a cap in terms of how many friends you can have on social media. But there is not a cap on how many people can follow you. So sharing your message via really powerful Facebook posts, via memes, via videos; these are all highly shareable content pieces that will get you in front of other people. So the power of sharing is insane!


I’ve been doing this online thing for about 2 years and I literally just had a mind explosion recently about the power of sharing. I’ve known it, to a degree. But when you start seeing your work get shared with the world that is awesome! One meme that you make that’s linked back to your profile could get you lots of followers. And followers want to know what you’re doing, which is really good for your business. Especially when you are showing up in full alignment with your message. See how it all works together?


Tip #3 – Create a call to action. ALWAYS. Ask for the share. The really top-notch thought leaders and online influencers who are teaching how to do online business, preach this and do such a good job at this.


If you feel it’s rude to ask somebody to share or if you think it’s rude when you are watching my videos and I ask you to please share the video, well that’s just Crazy Town. It is perfectly acceptable for you to ask people to share your content because guess what? They have a choice.


When you come on to my live videos and I say, hey, this is going to be really good. I’m going to be giving you some really good content, well that deserves a share. I want my business to grow and have more impact. Of course I want to make more income because that’s how we grow our businesses. Asking you to share something that you’re doing anyway, is awesome. Share the love!


Don’t be afraid to ask for the share. Even put it in your copy. If they love what you posted ask people to share it with their friends. Ask them to tag their biz bestie if they think they should see it.


I’ve had the difference between no shares on something, to ten shares. Ten shares might not be insane, but ten shares in front of 500 – 1500 people is a lot of people to get in front of.  This way you aren’t isolated only to your newsfeed. I think this is important to recognize.


And this goes right back to #1. What does it take to be delivering good content, showing up in your message, seriously rocking your business? It takes being in alignment.


It does take time to make this a normal practice. There are things we are always learning. This is just a little nugget in your pocket and when you are really feeling it you are going to do it. It’s going to come out naturally.


It all comes back to the belief in yourself and the knowing that what you have to say is valuable. And really showing up in service. I want you guys to get this. I want to see new thought leaders. I want to see you rise to the top if that’s what you want. I have the ability to help you do that because that’s what I do.


Remember this, it’s awesome to show up in service and really share your message with people who need to hear what you have to say.


Three Ways To Easily Connect With Your Perfect Client



This isn’t just about using live video or having good content, it’s about connection.  We all know that in this day and age everyone is looking for and striving for connection more than anything.  So if you can show up in alignment with your message, in front of the right people and connect with them on a really personal and deep level, you will have raving fans.


Here are three ways that I use connection in my videos. These things have built a multiple six-figure business for me because it’s not just about the business, it’s about the impact. People can feel that when you are talking to them.


No. 1 – Mojo - Mojo is key when you are connecting with people on video.  If you are falling flat and not really showing up in an energized way, people aren’t going to be magnetized toward you. You want to have killer energy and show up in the pure essence of who you are.  Here’s a couple different ways I do that:

  • Music – Music has the ability to shift everything for you. So I always put music on before I do a live video. 
  • Jump around, do squats, whatever you need to do. You want to at least double the energy you would have if you were not going on a live video.


No. 2 – Say People’s Names - You can get easily distracted if you are new to doing Facebook Lives. You are thinking about a million different things; where do I look, what is my content, etc.  While you are getting started you can let it slide. It is the second step. But once you are getting comfortable on video, you are sharing your message and you’re showing up consistently, you really want to start diving into getting to know people.  There is something magical that happens when you hear your name said.  It’s a psychological trigger that says I’m wanted here, this person likes me, this person is likeable, and they will automatically trust you more.  Work on this and create a habit around saying people’s names.


No. 3 – Use Your Story – This can be a difficult one but your story is more valuable than anything else you can say.  Whether or not you are talking about your story, it is constantly being bled into and put out to the world just by your point of view.  Calling out what your point of view is, based on your history and your experiences, will attract the right people to you.  They will feel way more connected to you.  You have known this already. You have told your story somewhere or you have seen someone tell their story and automatically you feel connected.  Maybe at an in-person networking event you wouldn’t bust out with your story, but online we have to take it a step further.  This is not just a hand shake or a nice to meet you, I’ll see you at the next networking event.  This is potentially your one shot to make an impression on somebody and to give them a sense of value. That value comes from your vulnerability so they have something to connect to and really remember you by.


For example, I oftentimes talk about fear and doubt and how to put yourself out there because I’m the Visibility Queen.  In terms of talking about my story, most people who follow me know that I was playing small before I took my business online.  I had a lot of fear and doubt about really stepping into my bigness.  That fear and doubt easily could have run my life, controlled my decisions and kept me small forever.  Taking my business online has pushed me to come out and really play in a bigger way.  It’s not for no reason, it’s because of my story and my experience.  I think the value in that is that people get to know YOU and that’s what they want.  Business is being done in a whole new way.  Right now is an opportunity for leaders to step forward who have everybody’s best interest in mind.  Not just the power, not just the money, but from being vulnerable and from sharing your story.


We have more potential than we have ever had.  To use that power in a way that brings value to people’s lives and creates that connection is really where I believe the change is and where we can be a part of the change. And a part of the solution.


That’s what it’s all about. That’s why I’m the Visibility Queen, that’s why I show up to give you tips on how to show up and be more you.  What the world needs is you, your story, your unique layers, even your issues, your process, everything about you and your message needs to be heard right now and Facebook Live is a killer way to do it.


3 Ways To Easily Figure Out Your Zone Of Genius



Let’s talk zone of genius!  This is one of those things that can help you expand into greatness at a very rapid pace, because it is the secret elixir to standing out in a crowded marketplace online.  It is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself both personally and business-wise.


Three things that can be really helpful when determining your zone of genius really have to do with asking yourself the right questions.  We can have something in our minds dancing and prancing about, but if we don’t have the appropriate questions to pull out the answer we are looking for, it lends itself to a lot of confusion.  If you have felt confused about your zone of genius, you are not alone.  It feels a little tricky to look at yourself the way other people look at you. One piece of your zone of genius has everything to do with how other people see you.  Yes it has to do with how you feel about yourself but more than anything the thing that is going to stand out the most for you in terms of your zone of genius is how other people see you and the value you bring to others.


What is zone of genius? You hear about this all the time but I think it can have different interpretations.  The one I like to use comes from Laura Garnett and it’s so simple; it is you innate ability, the thing you were born with, the thing that is only you, that meets your passion. And that can shift and change over time.


There was an article put out by the New York Times that talked about how as humans, we are actually 99.9% identical in terms of all the ways that make us a human, we have all the same elements. (I’m not a scientist!) That sort of makes us like clones, we’re really, really similar to one another. But there is that .1% that sets you apart from everybody else. That .1% really is your zone of genius.  When you figure out what that is in a way that you can communicate it really well, use it in your marketing, your persona and in a way that gives you permission to be even more of yourself. That piece of yourself is truly what people want.  It is the thing that draws people to you as a unique person. 


You can look at everyone in your life and pick out the essence of why you are drawn to them. If you have a certain issue you may call somebody in particular, you may call someone else for a different issue.  That is their .1%.


This is incredibly valuable in marketing because when you are marketing yourself it is really the way to skyrocket your success and have an incredible point of differentiation. This is one of the most important things in terms of marketing.


3 Questions To Ask Yourself:


Question #1 - What is the one common theme that is repetitive in your life? Think in terms of relationships, business, even if you have worked for someone else. Where is the one area that you thrive the most?  In business was it entering data, customer relations, or something else? In relationships are you the person someone calls when they are upset or need problem-solving?  Maybe you are the person they call when they need insight.  Really look into this deeply.  Start to notice the patterns in your own life because it really is right under your nose.  One of my innate abilities is to get to know somebody and see it really clearly. I could tell you what yours is if we had three conversations.


Question #2 – What would someone else say about you?  Reach out to three to five people and ask them what it is about you that makes you unique.  What is it about you that they may think differently about than someone else? This will give you a great clue about what it is about you that is so unique.


Question #3 – What do I love to talk about? What really gets you on your soapbox is your passion piece.  Remember, zone of genius is where your innate ability meets your passion.  Your passion may be easier to identify than your innate ability. The passion piece changes throughout your life. It’s very normal in this day and age to have multiple careers as an adult and look into different passions.


For example, my zone of genius is to be able to meet someone right where they are, to be a mirror, and to have innovative problem-solving.  I became a personal trainer at the age of 26, I had a 6 year old and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life but I knew I had a natural ability. I knew it because I was self-aware. I grew up with hippie parents and I didn’t have to unlearn as many things as someone who grew up in a rigid household or one that said no to a more open-minded point of view.  I feel lucky and blessed that I had that.


While I didn’t pursue some super money-making career at 26 I did know that I should look at what I was naturally good at.  The one thing I came up with was that people like to talk to me and when they did they felt that I really got them. This is something easy to monetize, say in an online business, but in a personal training business it was easy to monetize as well.  Because one of my passions at the time was fitness, I was excited that I could make a business out of it.  For the 13 years that I had a life coaching and fitness business the one thing I became very, very good at was asking somebody how are you, how are you feeling today?  I would always take the first 10 minutes and talk to them about how they were that day. What were their energy levels, what they were wanting to feel, what they needed to release emotionally.  And then I would intuit the workout.  I ended up creating a demographic of all women in their 60’s who really needed someone to tune in because they didn’t want a cookie cutter workout. 


My passion now is online business. I can meet with a client, mirror back to them and have innovative ideas that are maybe a little outside the box and specific to them.  Because of these abilities I believe this is why I have had quick success.


Hone in on this for yourself and make it a priority to ask yourself these questions and get clear on them. Demanding that people meet you at your zone of genius and finding the people willing to pay for your services, is how you get the dedicated following and the clients who would do anything for you.


5 Ways To Be More Magnetic On Video




I’m excited to talk to you about charisma, magnetism, and fascination.  I usually get ideas in the middle of the night about what I need to talk about so I almost always honor that gut feeling and initial idea I have.  This is something I recommend in terms of content creation. A lot of people ask me how to come up with stuff to talk about and say they have trouble coming up with things. The reality is I don’t think anybody has trouble thinking of stuff, I think people have trouble following through and trusting that initial gut feeling. Magnetism is one of those topics that just came to me so I’m acting on it.


I know magnetism can be something that feels kind of scary; how do I really show my true self, how do I put myself out there on video?  Magnetism is something that is really important because we need people to feel our energy.  When you meet someone in person you generally feel their energy way more than you would in video.  So how do you take that essence of who you are and project it into this tiny little camera that then projects into the world? 


What really is magnetism?  What it is is you being the most you you can be. Which means taking away the fear, the doubt, the shyness and all the things we say to ourselves that make us think we can’t show up in our true, authentic, raw selves.


I watched an interview with Sally Hogshead recently, by Marie Forleo, and something she said really stuck with me and it has everything to do with being more magnetic.  She said, “You don’t learn how to be fascinating. You unlearn how to be boring.” We all have this dampen ourselves down thing that happens as we grow up. We get these messages when we are kids to dampen ourselves down. It totally depends on your family experience, your schooling and whatever situations you’ve been in in your life,  but you’ve probably run across some situation that told you be quieter and be less of you.  This is the unlearning that she’s talking about.  We have to unlearn how to be boring.  When you hop on other people’s videos you know that if they are being boring you are going to stop watching.  Being boring is the thing that will kill your message and dampen your ability to reach people and create the impact and the business that you want. Don’t close yourself off from the full expression of you.


Here are 5 quick and simple tips to be more magnetic:


Tip #5:  Say thank you. Saying thank you automatically makes people endeared to you. When you hop on my videos you’ll notice that I say thank you for being here today. And at the end of the video I always say thank you again.  I think it really develops that rapport with people. Politeness and that social norm kind of stuff goes a long way. We get the likeability factor and start to build trust with people.  If you can do that before ever having an interaction with them then you will be like 50 steps closer to having that booming online business.


The HUGEST piece that we need to overcome between us and our potential clients is that trust factor.  This is a whole other tangent that I will definitely go on another time. Because I see people go right for the sale, even if it’s just a meeting, it’s like too much too soon and it will dampen down that trust-ability.


When you show that you have those social norms and that you’re gracious into your videos people do take notice.


Tip #4: Say people’s names. I try really hard to say everybody’s names.  I do that for a number of reasons but one is that it is really awesome to hear your name being said. I’m a total geek about it.  When I go on other people’s live videos I will geek out and be giddy and excited when they say my name and oh boy if they read my comment!  When you feel like somebody likes you then you like them, right? This is good for online business. This makes you feel like you have a relationship with them.  That is the beauty and power of video. This can also be a challenge though because you have to multi-task and that can be really hard at first. You also have to find a balance between talking to people and delivering content because you will lose people on the replays if you are only talking to people. I cover this stuff in Rock Your Videos by the way.


Tip #3:  Smile. Smiling is so important because you get one of those subconscious feelings when you see someone smile.  It triggers a positive response in you. This is one of my pet peeves and really bothers me when I see people not doing this in their live videos.  It is better to smile than to show your nervousness but you can smile and be nervous at the same time. At the very least you can act like you’re not nervous and appear as natural as possible. Smiling is a big piece in making people feel comfortable and gives a sense that you are relaxed (even if you aren’t).


I love this quote I got from mindbodygreen.com, “Magnetism is something to sink into like a super plush sofa.”  That is what it truly is. It’s like sinking into yourself and sharing that joy that you feel from within that people are automatically drawn to. It is so powerful.  You’ll notice in TED Talks and with people who give speeches that they’ll smile periodically, it’s almost as if it’s planned. Some of them probably do plan it. They have their little segment and maybe it gets serious, and then they are going to throw in a smile to lighten the mood. 


One way you could practice this is by just doing it in the mirror. Practice makes it possible. It may not make it perfect and that’s ok but really practicing and taking time to notice how you are on video is huge. Turn on the charm.  That’s how we get what we want in life, right?  We have to draw people to us and create the feeling we want with them. 


Tip #2:  Body language. Body language makes up 60% of our communication. If your body language does not meet with what you are saying people are not going to believe you. Good posture is important. Being too close to the camera is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If your head is cut off and you can’t see your neck you are too close.  What happens when you are too close to the camera is that nobody can see your body language. Because people are naturally curious this can cause just a tiny bit of mistrust. The best way to build trust with people is to show yourself.  I know that sounds simple but it’s really important.  Looking away, being distracted, slouching and not making eye contact is body language that shows you are not really committed.


I am more exaggerated on video than in person but when you are on video you really have to be the star of your show. If you meet me in person it’s not like I’m going to be some huge gregarious personality, in fact I listen a lot. Listening is another piece of being magnetic but it’s a little hard to listen when you are doing a video.  Focus on the body language, be the teacher, be the leader. That’s what people want when they are showing up to watch your video.


Tip #1Be in your power. This is not a quick-fix or simple little tip. When we are lacking this it is apparent in every single place in our life. This is something that takes daily practice. Your habits equal the amount of power you feel. How much power do you have in your relationships?  How much power do you have in your relationship to yourself? Are you honoring your intuition? Are you using your self-care habits?  Those are all things that fill you up.  They create the most expanded you.


Let’s talk in terms of really using video for your business. I’m not just talking about some strategy, I’m talking about building a six-figure plus income using video.  I have built my entire coaching business using video. That is why I’m so serious about it.  It is not just about getting on video or the message you have, it’s about how you share it, the content you put together, how often you get on video and how you show up. 


One of the main ingredients in your success stew is your personal power. It is something that nobody can take away from you and it’s something nobody can deny you have. When you are all up in your power you give zero fucks about what other people think. That is a really key part about putting yourself out there on video. Being in your power takes all those negative Nancy voices and tells them, I hear you but you don’t get to make all the decisions.  You have to be the driver that is in charge and #boss. You are worth being the empowered woman you were always meant to be.


Sometimes we all need to be reminded to get out of our own way.


Suggestion: I think it would be a great idea if you took Sally Hogshead’s personality test. It really helped me in terms of understanding my personality and how the world views me in order to help magnetize that more and put that into my videos. http://www.howtofascinate.com/




How To Create And Share Valuable Content Consistently




Content creation is a thing, it’s like a beast of its own.  It’s almost like a whole separate entity of your online business. I polled my group with several different topics and content creation was the number one thing people struggle with. I’m creating an amazing new program, Vibrant Visibility Master Circle and a piece of visibility is definitely content. 


This may not seem the sexiest thing to talk about but it is! Let me tell you why.  The content you put online, when you have an online business is your storefront.One of the amazing things that happens when you create aligned content is that people really get a sense of who you are just from the content you are putting out.  And that is pure gold to have people feel like they already know you.  We are always working toward and trying to achieve the know, like, trust factor. Knowing is the first step and one great way to help people to get to know you is to create valuable content that really helps people. 


I want to give you permission to really be you. I think what we do to limit ourselves sometimes is to think that it has to be a certain way.  Like Jaya puts out visibility tips, do I have to put out some kind of tip?  Or so and so is doing a blog, do I have to do a blog? It can be really confusing.  And what do we do when we feel confused? Nothing – analysis paralysis. What I want to see for you is flow and ease and booming success.


The first thing I want to address is understanding that when you have an aligned business, you are living inside of your message.  I help coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs. These are all people who really live their message.  Most of the time when my clients are looking at their target clients they are essentially describing themselves at some point on their path.  So essentially they are helping themselves a few stages back.  And they really appreciate it when you are transparent with them.


Your process is the most valuable content you have. When you start to think about it that way and have the emphasis on your core message, that being your lifestyle, then you are always thinking of stuff. 


The second part is that you have to give yourself permission to find the value in not only your process but in your thoughts.  I guarantee you that sometimes you think of something and you think, Oh cool, that’s a cool way to look at that. But do you share it?  Those are the golden nuggets that are only you, that set you apart and make you really unique. I think one piece that holds us back is thinking something isn’t valuable.


Two things I do with content creation is 1. No force and 2. No oppression.  


# 1 – No Force


I never force content. I know it is very popular online to map out and schedule your content ahead of time.  That is totally fine if that is your personality to do that. I’ll be totally honest here, you will never find me scheduling anything in terms of content. I won’t create content ahead of time, not because I don’t believe in it but because I will rebel against it. If you told me I had to sit down today for three hours and create five blog posts and ten Facebook videos, I’d be like, Yeah. Peace out, I quit.  I have to be spontaneous.


Even if you are scheduling posts and creating content ahead of time you have to have your juices flowing.  The vibes you put into your content are felt by the recipients, your audience. I have so much evidence to back this up. When I feel juiced up, whether it’s a Facebook Live video or a Facebook post, I can see a huge difference by the response just based on how I feel when I go into it.


Don’t force yourself into a box. If you have been trying to make yourself create content and schedule it and it doesn’t flow for you, STOP.  I have posted every single Monday through Friday a daily prompt consistently for the last four or five months and I don’t schedule anything.  Some people may say, Well if you want to have an empire how are you really going to be posting in your Facebook Group?  Here’s the deal. That Facebook Group, those are my people, that’s my community and I care. I know that I have five minutes in the morning to actually bring something out that feels authentic to me and post it in my group. Most of my morning prompts get a lot of interaction and you may wonder how that happens. Well it’s because I give a shit! I take the time every single morning when I wake up and I think, What’s going on?  The beauty of this and why I think people respond well to it is because there is so much more going on in the world, in the cosmos, in our universe and in our brain that has nothing to do with us and our ego.


I believe I’m tapped into the Universal Laws and to much more than just me. That’s how I live because I don’t want to think I’m singular, that doesn’t help me in any way.  I believe there is energy that is coming through me that I am just a messenger of. When I can show up and be truly present in that, even if it’s in just one question that I ask in my Facebook group, I believe that is coming from a real place of genuine service. I think that is why people respond to it.  It’s not pre-thought out, what I “should” be doing. It’s authentic and real to the moment.


#2 – No Oppression


You have an idea, maybe it’s a video idea or a post, you start creating it and then the negative Nancy starts coming out and telling you that you are not valuable.  This is normal because any time we are going to put ourselves out there, whether it’s on a small scale or on a large scale, we are always going to have the negative Nancy comments to combat.  It’s just going to be that way and I have them too. But I have a relationship with her and I’m the boss.  That’s the difference. She doesn’t get to boss me around, she doesn’t run the show. I do. In the core belief that I am more than just me, it all comes back to that. When you have a service based business and you feel called to show up in that manner, it is something bigger than you. So who are you to oppress that in any way?  It’s about creating that relationship with yourself where one side of you, that empowered side of you, the boss babe or boss bitch or however you want to look at it, is the part of you that wins the argument.


You can’t say “someday” because that is not how it works. You are never going to be there before you are here.  Within the here we need to show ourselves where we want to go. The direction you go is based on the choices you make so sometimes you are going to have to make choices that feel uncomfortable.  Part of you may be kicking and screaming and you are just going to have to do it anyway because it’s about more than you.


The last point I want to drive home is that whether or not you are scheduling and planning things ahead of time, at the very least allow yourself to be spontaneous.


I love Elizabeth Gilbert and I have a number of quotes that I say from her. One of the things that I really love that she talks about is creativity and how it really has a mind of its own. It’s like an entity of its own and when we have creativity come to us that’s the opportunity to grab it and do something with it.  If you don’t do something with it chances are it’s going to float on by and pop into somebody else’s head.  That’s why so often you’ll see people and say, Oh my god. They just wrote the book I’ve been thinking about for ten years. It’s not because they stole it from you, it’s because these things are just floating around in the air and if you start to harness those things, you get an idea and you take action on it, you get more opportunity to create. You get more creative ideas when you prove to the Universe that you will take action. 


So I don’t try to create content. I live my life in aligned way and I believe in what I’m doing. I believe in my business and I think about it all the time because I love it. Because of that I think of random things in an inspired way. I inspire myself. I pretty much walk around being my own life and business coach and inspiring myself all day long.  I’m not saying I’m perfect or that I don’t annoy myself sometimes to because I do.  But my main job is to be my own best friend and to be someone cool to hang out with. Because of that I get inspiration and I share it! It’s seriously is that simple.


Now is it easy to live a healthy, abundant, vibrant, aligned life? No, it’s not easy because it takes a lot of discipline.  So discipline is pretty much my best friend.  Eating healthy, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep at night, working out, prioritizing me time, being good with my communication so I don’t have a bunch of messy conflict all the time, being in my integrity, doing what I say I’m going to so I don’t feel guilty, that takes a lot of work.  At the same time, part of the benefit of living that type of lifestyle is that I get a lot of creative ideas and I take action on them.


Discipline creates habits. Habits create results. We often just want to go to the results but you have to have the discipline and you have to be inspired to hit the discipline. It’s all these triggers and when you start to recognize these patterns you can really control your life in a way that feels really good. I don’t mean to be controlling, but to make these consistent choices that help you show up.  It’s not like every day I want to get on video. I’ll be totally honest with you, there are days when I don’t want to because I want to do something else. But I am committed to getting on video at least three to four times a week, it’s part of my business model. Because of that, I am motivated to hold to my commitment. Sometimes if you invest in yourself that will make you do it. Find those tricks that make you stick to your commitments and do them.


It’s not that sexy to talk about discipline but let’s be honest. Look at all the people that you look up to, look at the most successful people in the world, what do most of them have in common?  High levels of discipline. To me it’s a holistic way of living. It’s about living my mission on a higher level and honoring that. The result or by-product of that is awesome content. 


3 Ways To Get More Views & Engagement On Your Live Videos



If you want to get more views, followers and people who really engage with your videos this article will be helpful to you. 


Engagement helps with your brand. When you are on Facebook Live and you get that real connection feeling that everyone is looking for, you deserve to have some results.


The potential to grow your visibility using video is massive. What you want to see is your numbers going up; likes, comments, views. If your numbers have been stagnant, you are probably not doing one of these three things that I’m going to share with you. This takes a lot of technique and strategy. Facebook Live is not just about showing up. I wish it was that easy but it’s not.  It’s about having a strategy and doing key things to optimize your success.


Here are my 3 tips to get more engagement on your live videos:


Tip #1 – Make an announcement.  Make an announcement for when you are going to go on live, your local time, and what you are going to talk about.  You need to tell people why they should bother to tune in.  You need to pique people’s interest, but you also need to be respectful of their time.  It makes for a clean exchange when you tell people what you are offering and why they should show up. 


Set a time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be the same time every day. Maybe you want to do Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon or every day at 5:00 pm, whenever you feel and look your best is the right time.  You do not need to be on there at a certain time because there are always people on, all over the world.


Tip #2 – Consistency.  You need to show up when you say you are going to – to the minute. This builds the trust factor. What we show people is face value and we need to show what people want to believe about us. Be the person you really are inside your business.  You want to give at least a projection of what it would be like to work with you.


Being consistent does a lot for you in your business.  It keeps you top of mind, it shows that you are committed and gives people a large array of what you have to offer.  When you are being consistent you are putting out awesome content all the time. It does this really beautiful thing that has everything to do with trust.  The ability to build the know, trust, like factor is off the charts with video.


Tip #3 – A Killer Title  Unless you have a massive following and someone will click on you no matter what you need to follow these tips. I have a pretty large following and still do all these things. You need to know these this tip if you are doing live video. You need to know this if you are naming anything on social media, if you have a blog, if you create YouTube videos, even for Facebook posts this is going to help you. 


Facebook is like a highway of traffic, it is so busy. You need to create a pattern interrupter so people pull their “car” over and look at you. So you need to have a killer title every single time.  You can multiply your views enormously by having this. It’s all about capturing and holding the attention of your potential viewers.


I do a lot of market research and stay on top of all the trends so I can be the best possible coach for you.  I have seen very, very few people doing live video. Those that I see, I want to cry over the titles!  I share tips for creating killer titles in "Rock Your Videos" and provide a whole workbook of awesome titles that you can cut and paste. One tip I give is to add “How to” in front of the topic of your video.


Think about what your title is conveying and ask yourself if you would pull over, from driving 60 mph down the highway to see what it means.  If the answer is no, then it certainly won’t make anyone else pull over. If it is your main goal in 2017 to be more visible you are in the right place!  I will be showing you more tips and tricks to build a six-figure business using live video. Make sure to follow me on Facebook.


Watch the video below to go more indepth on this awesome topic!


Why Being SELFISH Is A Must For Having A Thriving Business



First I want to remind you about my live event coming up March 18th & 19thELEVATE Live is the event of the year for coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs. Join me and four other dynamic, soulful and powerful speakers AND 50 other soul sisters for this two-day, show stopping live event.  Learn the ins and outs of being vibrantly visibleonline, spiritually connected in business, wildly successful in life and learn from the best what it really takes to step forward in courageous action and leadership. 


Find out more about ELEVATE Live right here: bit.ly/jrlive



This topic, Why Being Selfish Is A Must For Having A Thriving Business, is very close to my heart and I’ve recently had a breakthrough myself with this. I want to tell you a personal story about being seen for being me.  What it really takes to stay consistent, to show up in my message and to truly walk the talk. There is something that happens online where it is kind of like smoke and mirrors.  If you’ve seen people who you look up to and maybe then meet in person sometimes you feel like there is some inconsistency and maybe less alignment than you had thought.  And that’s ok, that happens all the time in life. But there’s so much potential of that online because we can give our highlight reel, we can take the best selfie and only show up when we’re in a good mood. The reality is, the people who are really consistent and are living their message are the ones who are getting seen the most right now.  There is a shift in energy that has happened in terms of leadership, I know you feel it.  You may be drawn to leaders and thought influencers who are really owning and walking the talk. 


How important is it to you that when you see my live videos, that if you met me in person, you would want me to be the person I say I am and really live the morals, ideals and integrity that I preach? This is the energy that’s happening right now and a lot of us agree with it because this is a Universal truth.  We are all being asked to step more into our authentic truth. That’s why you hear those words being spread around like wildfire.  It’s not something you can try to do or anything you need to learn to do. It’s what we need to unlearn in order to truly shed the layers and show up in that true self.


My personal story has everything to do with unlearning. I am highly sensitive and something that I need is sleep. I cannot deal with six hours of sleep because I will be a mess.  I’m allergic to caffeine, I’m allergic to alcohol, I’m allergic to wheat, I don’t feel that good if I eat a lot of sugar.  I need time and space for myself. I get anxious even from just my own family. I need time away or I get that anxiety feeling, can you relate to that?  When that anxious feeling comes up to your neck there is no flow and no communication of your truth that is happening in that moment.  When I was younger I didn’t know what any of this meant.  I thought that I was weird or that there was something wrong with me.  Because I thought that way I picked people to mirror that back to me.  The first number of relationships I had, I was told there was something wrong with me because I had needs.  I have to have healthy food, I need to have plenty of sleep and I need to stay in my zone; in my bubble of good vibes.  I’m so sensitive to other people’s energy. In the past I was called needy.  How many times have you been called needy because you are asking for something that you know in your heart is going to help you thrive?  Fuck anybody who says you are too needy or that you are not worth having your requirements and all of your needs met to thrive in this world.


How this leads into right now and my business is that this is one of the reasons I am so damned good at messaging. I can get on a 90-minute intensive, or a 30-minute call with somebody and help them come up with their north star, with their tagline, with their title, with their unique messaging, and it’s not because I’m so good at marketing or I have so much experience in doing just that. This is my truth and this is the breakthrough that I had, the reason I am so good at this is because of the empathic side of me.  When I dive into a messaging call with you I don’t talk about you.  I talk about your person and who that person is. Not only who are they but where are they on their path and how are they showing up to you because they need YOU. Isn’t this what we’re all about? Let’s get ourselves out there big online because people need us! They need your message and they need to hear it from your lips.


You hear this all the time but what does that really mean in terms of communication? Really good messaging and marketing is not about you expressing to your perfect client who you are, what you do and what your process is.  It’s about you showing up in your authentic truth and holding space for them to see so clearly, with no question at all, that you understand them.  AND that you understand them better than anybody else would.  When I say to you, I am the Visibility Queen, I am THE best no fluff, all heart business coach, I could say that I am the absolute best for that for you, only if you feel that I understand you.   Otherwise there will be misalignment and somebody else will probably understand you better. 


I realized it’s the empathic qualities in me that allows me to do what I do, because I don’t have a strategy that says, you need to talk about this x, y and z. I ask myself what is this person feeling and how does that affect their everyday life?  How and why are they getting to their breaking point where they want to spend money?  When somebody is ready to make a change and spend money on it they are DONE.


I realize this is me, which is why I can only get on two calls a day. Sometimes I have three but not more than that because I need to walk the talk, I need to be alone and have downtime later in the day. Sometimes I started being critical about myself and asking what’s wrong with me. That bullshit question that we all need to stop right now!  How many times have you asked yourself that when you weren’t performing to the level you should? When you weren’t keeping up with the Jones’s? When you aren’t where you think you should be? So I’ve started to ask myself the question, what’s happening with me right now instead of what’s wrong with me. It transfers over into other parts of your life too like when our kids are freaking out and having a hard time, instead of asking what’s wrong with them ask what’s happening with them right now. There is nothing wrong with them, they are just being themselves and speaking their truth.


This is what’s happening with so many highly sensitive women and men in our culture. We are not taught that it is good to be selfish, that it is good to take care of yourself and that when you do and you truly honor that, your super power thrives. So the more selfish I am and the more I take responsibility for my self-care, including the rest I need that it takes for me to show up, be empathic, be intuitive, be Visibility Queen and messaging master, the better I can be for you. Then I can help you get to that message you have been trying to get to for five years.  I can do that for you only because I’m highly sensitive and highly empathic. When I realized this, I knew that my intuition was part of my sensitivity and I saw that it danced together but I did not see it so clearly to where it is EXACTLY what I can do.  My ability to help other people with my gift, my message and my clarity hinges on my ability to address my own needs, speak them clearly and value them.  I need to value those needs as much as my work and the money I make. It is in direct relationship.


I heard that when I first took my business online and I first started working on my money mindset. I starting seeing people make $10,000 - $50,000 per month and was like what is all this?  I heard the statement that the value that you place on yourself and your work, is equal to the money that you make.  And that made me very uncomfortable but it’s true because I wasn’t honoring this as much as I am now.  So now I have more abundance flowing to me, more clients and I’m able to help people better and more. I’m able to really show up in that super power because my life is set up that way.  I have everybody else do stuff that I’m not good at and I used to feel guilty about that. I used to think there was something wrong with it. Not anymore.


I hope this message reaches you at a time where you are wondering how you can embrace your sensitivities and your needs. Because THIS is the change we have all been waiting for and it literally starts inside of you. Our unique message has the ability to change the world.  So let’s start where we can and let’s take that personal power back. Start honoring your needs and requirements so can thrive even more. Because you thriving is what’s going to create that change the world, in that person you talk to, in your client and in those people’s lives you touch.


Watch the video below to go more indepth on this awesome topic!


5 Steps To Using Your Intuition To Build Your Empire



Intuition is an amazing thing that I think is both over and under talked about.


So I’m going to be really specific in terms of how I’m using it to be decisive in my business.  Something I know from being an entrepreneur for the last 15 years is that decisiveness is a super power. If we are not tapping into it we are missing a huge piece of what can drive our business forward in a very quick way. And I know you want quick results!


I hear a lot of inspiring and intuitive women talk about the idea that it’s hard to make a decision. I want to hit this head on.  Action is a huge piece of my success in business, especially inspired action.


Here are my 5 steps to using your intuition regarding decision-making:


Step 1:  The first step to using your intuition is honoring your intuition.  I believe any time we want to make a change in our lives there needs to be a declaration. We need to declare to ourselves, the people in our lives and to the Universe what it is we truly believe and the movement and momentum we are choosing as we move forward.  When we are on the fence and struggling to make a choice, or in a state of confusion we can clearly see that is NOT honoring our intuition.  Maybe what is happening is we need more time, we need to be asking the right questions or we need to be talking to the right people.  There are reasons why we feel that way but if we have a firm understanding that we function out of our intuition and we respect it, we have a good foundation for moving forward.


Step 2: Small practices. We have a lot of opportunities in everyday life to make choices.  If we hone the decision-making muscle by making quick decisions in a small scenario it develops our relationship with our intuition and our decisiveness muscle. So when there are bigger choices we have the ability to say yes or no.


Here are two questions you can focus on:

  • What do I want to eat?  I hear people all the time saying, I don’t even know what I want to eat.  I want to shake them and say it doesn’t matter what you eat it matters that you make a choice!  It matters way more that you feel empowered in yourself. Who are you in your own life?  If you want to have an empire, a really thriving business, a following and to be the leader you are then you have to be really decisive. If you are really good at making decisions already, recognize that and own that power.
  • What do I feel like doing right now?  What is my next task? There should hardly be any time spent on these little decisions. An initial goal is to make small decisions very swiftly.


Step 3:  51/49 Rule.  This process came to me when my father passed away last spring. I had to make the decision to go to the memorial in New York and would have had to leave very early in the morning, deal with jet lag and attend the memorial later that morning. Everyone was telling me I had to go. I sat with it and there was so much of me that felt like I needed to go, as most people would feel. But there was 51% of me that said, no it’s not right for you. I felt like if I would have gone I would have gotten really sick.  I was working hard on my business and felt that I was going to completely sabotage myself.  There is no decision harder to make than a 51/49 decision.  I don’t believe in 50/50. There is nothing where the result of a decision in your life is 50% the same whether you do it or not.


When you choose the thing that has the 51% side you can do that quickly. There can be so much suffering inside the decision-making process.  There is nothing worse than a confused woman!  Becaue we are powerful and so intuitive by nature it’s so important to honor that.


When you can really look at something, like investing in yourself or your business, there is going to be something that weighs heavier on one side than the other. Boom – decision made!  I urge you to consider whether you really have to think about a decision. It is better to just say yes or no than to think about it. You already know the answer. If it’s at least 51% you have to go for it.


Step 4: Always go with the 51% no matter how big or small the decision. Your first reaction is the truth.  The only thing that’s going to happen if you think about a decision is that the ego is going to pop up and you are going to become more and more confused and disconnected from your intuition.


Step 5: Never ever doubt your choices. Don’t ever look in the rear-view mirror. Whatever choices you have made are the right choices. Any energy spent wondering if something was the right choice is completely wasted energy and time away from the manifesting and power of making a choice.  When you make a declaration to the Universe that this is what you want and the more decisive you are, it gets rewarded faster by the Universe.  In terms of using the Law of Attraction this is such a huge piece. When you understand that every choice you have made was for the best on a higher level, there is absolutely no point spending any energy looking in the rear-view mirror.


The Universe is always waiting to see if you are serious or not. People say a lot of things that they are going to do then don’t do it. They say they want success but don’t do what it takes to have it. The Universe is not just willy-nilly responding to people who say they want something. It is waiting for people with skin in the game and the feeling of empowerment that comes with being decisive.


Watch the video below to go more indepth on this awesome topic!