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Karina De La Cruz

Parent Support Coach

Jaya has a relentless ability to see the GREAT in others.

When you are in her presence you know you've got something special. She mirrors the greatness in you, which gave me courage to step up, show up and shine on video!!!

Stand Out On Video is ALL about just that... YOU. STANDING. OUT.


Let's be real, everyone and their grandma is doing FB LIVE now, so what gives?


Why are some people SO good at it and some people are just, not so good?


Simple. In order to be good on video it take three things.


The Look + Delivery + Energy!


In this master class I am hooking you up with the exact style + delivery + mojo building methods I use, that helped me build a 5 figure a month coaching business in 4 months!


ALL by using video!


Ready to learn how to stand out on video, love?


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In this Master Class I have broken the content into three comprehensive and quick videos.


The information is super easy to absorb and implement!


By the end of this program you will be feeling more confident and focused on exactly how to present yourself and your brand in an unforgettable way on video!

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