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Your Vibe attracts your Tribe.

That's why it's time to cut through the outside noise, focus on your inner truth and elevate your vibration to allow the life of your dreams to be your reality.


Does this sound familiar?


Doing "all the things" in your business + taking a million courses and trying to find your soul-mate clients in Facebook groups is leaving you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, Ugh!




You are working super hard on your business, your money mindset and your vibe, but it's not paying off, because deep down you feel overloaded and alone.  




You ARE an expert and gifted at what you do + you have SO much to share with the world, but you haven't figured out how to really gain traction in a crowded online space.





You ARE READY to take your business and life to the next level, and you feel called to shine your light, make bank in your business and be the change this world so desperately needs.   


But you are not sure exactly HOW to get there...



Well no worries, I've got you girl!

Kimra Luna

Head Freedom Hacker


Jaya is an amazing and thoughtful community leader.

She knows how to bring great people together and help them shine. If you want to surround yourself with High Vibe people, you need to join her in the High Vibe Zone!

Dajon Ferrell

Digital Light Worker


In Jaya's tribe, you'll experience community, support, love and truth from the moment you join!

This is more than just another program or challenge, it's an investment in your growth, your transformation, and your service to the world.

If you’re ready to.. 

✯ Raise Your Vibe 
✯ Level Up Your Business 
✯ Make More Money 
✯ Master Your Mission 
✯ Stay aligned with your BIG Vision & Purpose  

With… your like minded Soul Sisters 


The High Vibe Zone is perfect for you!

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What exactly is the High Vibe Zone? 


The High Vibe Zone is a membership collective that is designed to help you integrate "upleveling" and give you a place to LEARN, GROW, CONNECT and feel NURTURED on your path to success, all in a like minded, supportive sisterhood. 



"Surrounding yourself with successful high vibe women is the key to being a successful high vibe woman."

- Jaya Rose


Jessica Ashley Jarrett

Thrive Promoter


Jaya is a total Badass! She gives off such a good vibe that you can't help but feel confident in your OWN abilities in her presence.

I love the High Vibe Zone!

Amanda Middleton

The Mommy Mentor


Jaya Rose has a gift of making you feel at ease and brings out the best in you!

She will help you see tremendous value in yourself and your business

I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance!


A Membership Collective for Leaders and Spiritual Entrepreneurs Ready to Seriously Up-Level Their Vibration and Make Bank! 





'Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction." -Rumi









themed challenges/ Accountability Program

What do I get in the High Vibe Zone? 


▶︎ Monthly Themed High Vibe Business Bundle:

Online Visibility/Money Mindset/Manifesting/Business Growth



✓30 min Master Class 


✓Comprehensive Workbook


✓10 min Power Class 

(from a guest industry leader)


▶︎ Specialized Intuitive Coaching

(Weekly office hours)


▶︎ Monthly Accountability Program



▶︎ Member Spotlight Opportunities


▶︎ Connection and Collaboration Threads


▶︎ Pop-Up Accountability Challenges



★ Examples of a High Vibe Bundle Theme ★


▸ Manifestation to Grow Your Business


▸ Building Authority, Trust and Raving Fans Online


▸ Growing Your Business With High Vibe Boundaries


▸ Creating and Putting Out Valuable Content Consistently


▸ Attracting Your Tribe and Growing Your Community


and much more...





"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

-Maya Angelou

Grab your Fast Action Bonus!

▸ 5 Cash Injections + How To Price Them 

Learn five unique ways you can make money on demand TODAY!  

Join the Tribe NOW!

Normally $97 ✨ Today ONLY $77 a month


Commonly asked Questions



Will you bring in outside experts for specific topics? 


Yes! Each month in the HV Bonus Bundle there is a lesson taught by another online leader. The lessons they teach will be heart centered, power packed and applicable to your online business.



How would this community be different from the other FB groups out there?


This is a paid community so interaction is much more authentic and valuable and there are no spammy posts to weed through. You will meet like minded soul-driven entreprenuers and collaborators + visibility partners. And, the High Vibe Business Bundles and Intuitive Coaching Threads far more valuable than anything that could be found in a free group.



Do you think the advice and things you share would help a network marketing business?


Yes! All the teachings and lessons in the business bundles are centered around building a personal brand online. They are helpful and transformative for coaches, healers, network marketers, consultants and any other type of online educators.



How will the accountability be held?


Accountability is a big part of the High Vibe Zone! There is a business themed challenge once a month that creates lots of accountability + they are fun. We also have an Accountability Bestie program that starts at the beginning  of each month when the HV Business Bundle is released. 

Elvira V. Hopper

Miracle Mindset Coach


Jaya gives you permission to be seen fiercely in an uber-authentic & heart-centered way. She's a badass ROCKSTAR ☆

My ultimate Guarantee... 

If after a month or any month you decide the High Vibe Zone isn’t for you...

▸ You can cancel your membership at any time. 

▸ And you can still keep everything! 



And it gets better…

▸ No contracts  
▸ No Minimum Required Months To Stay 
▸ No Year Long Commitment 


It's ALWAYS up to YOU!

Grab your Fast Action Bonus!

▸ 5 Cash Injections + How To Price Them 

Join the Tribe NOW! 

Normally $97 ✨ Today ONLY $77 a month