Love stories... my favorite kind.


Crissy Day

Owner at Yoga Sprout


I am so happy I found Jaya!

Working with her in the Rock Your Videos Program has been an incredible journey. I have a completely new outlook on my business and I now have the confidence, mindset and practical skills to take my specific talent to the next level using video!
I cannot wait to see what the future holds!! 


Jackie McDonald

EFT Tapping Expert


Jaya has a unique ability and willingness to be REAL with her audience. Her authenticity and vulnerability make her relatable and engaging. 

By personally working with Jaya I have gained the structure I deeply desired in my business. Not only is she intuitive and heart centered but she has helped me take my business online in a way that feels fun and doable. 

Jaya is the real deal and I am so grateful that I found someone who can help me do what I love, own my worth and get PAID!

Karina De La Cruz

Parent Support Coach


Jaya has a relentless ability to see the great in others.

When you are in her presence you know you've got something special. She mirrors the greatness in you, which gave me courage to step up, show up and shine on video!!!

Laurel Lederman

Meditation Teacher


I discovered Jaya Rose on Facebook and felt an instant connection with her spirit and mission.


I felt like she was someone I could truly learn from. She's very relatable and a GREAT teacher!


Jaya helped me understand the in's and out's of online videos and because of that, my confidence soared and my content became richer and more focused.


I've gained valuable skills and am looking forward to starting my business with a solid foundation. Thank you Jaya!!

Ali McCall

Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire


 I decided to join Rock Your Videos because I was getting so much value out of Jaya's free content.


I knew I loved her energy and what she had to offer. Jaya has a way of pulling your message out of you, even if you can't put it into words yet.


I came out of this program with clarity and structure and I now have the tools I need to create a plan and launch my own online program.

Bryttany Hyde

Brand Ambassador


Jaya inspires me every day.

I have gained self confidence through her inspirational words and actions online.

Christel Diamond

Health & Lifestyle Coach


I love Jaya's  energy and rawness. 

I have learned so much about being confident, being myself, and manifesting in my business from her Facebook group!

Victoria Washington

Relationship Therapist & Intimacy Coach


My favorite thing about Jaya Rose is her authenticity!

She keeps inspiring me to show up in my best light and worth, as I am!

Erin Faye Miller

Health & Wellness Coach


Jaya is filled with confidence and honesty. 

I have gained self confidence by being a part of the Vibrant Visibility group.

Jenna Lynn Brimmer

Health Crusader


Jaya is incredibly positive.

I have gained so much by working with her and being a part of her group; mostly, how to be positive and manifest goodness. I have also learned a lot on how to rock my business videos.